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North America Designers, Manufacturers & Installers of Complete Systems
  • Waste Paper Recovery Systems

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  • Balers & Shredders

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  • Dust Collectors & Air Pollution Control

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  • Complete Air Conveyance Systems

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Welcome to Kernic Systems .

North America Designers, Manufacturers and Installers of Complete Systems

Kernic offers our unique OneSource™ for simplicity approach to systems design. We take the complex task of integrating various system components and engineer them to work together flawlessly. These customized solutions use high quality equipment and are installed by our own factory trained team. The result is a truly integrated system that optimizes throughput in your operation and maximizes your potential in waste stream revenues.


Why Choose Kernic Systems:

We solve your challenges with:

  • Over 35 years Experience
  • One Supplier for your complete system
  • Custom Design Solution
  • Superior Engineering and CAD Drawings
  • High Quality Supply Partners
  • Factory Direct Installation Team
  • Fully Automated Electrical controls
  • Dedicated Service Team

Balers, Shredders and Recycling Systems

Dust Collectors & Air Pollution Control

Packaging & Material
Handling Systems

Baling Wire, Parts &