Kernic Offers a Wide Range of Solutions for Handling the By-Products of Plastic Processes.

Efficient Removal and Treatment of Plastic By-Product

Plastic is a multi-purpose material with characteristics ranging from polymer structures to rigid high-tech products. Particulate matter, shavings, vapours and gases released at a workstation may affect workers, cause recurring cleaning tasks or compromise the quality of parts under production. Cross-contamination, toxic dust and combustible dust from the plastics processing industry pose no risk if they can be reliably extracted and disposed of on-site.

Efficient removal and treatment require experience and expertise. Kernic Systems’ air treatment solutions can collect, filter and dispose of by-products while supporting your legislation, code and safety requirements playing an important role in terms of productivity`.

Whether your company is a primary plastic manufacturer, a plastic products company or a plastic product recycling large or small, Kernic can help.

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