Small But Powerful

  • Extra features not found on other small balers
  • Enjoy High compaction and automatic bale ejection
  • ANSI Z245.5, UL and CSA Compliant


Low Profile – High Compaction

  • With its low profile, printer like noise and superior press force, the X6030 is perfect for any industry
  • Is suitable for large quantities of waste, making Mill Size 60″ Bales
  • ANSI Z245.5, UL and CSA compliant


Wide Feed Opening and Powerful

  • 39 inches wide feed opening for bulk material
  • Enjoy High compaction and automatic bale ejection
  • ANSI Z245.5, UL and CSA Compliant


Flexible Workhorse – Mill Size Bales

  • Flexible and Hardworking machine for many types of recyclables.
  • High Compression rate produces mill-size bales to maximize waste value
  • ANSI Z245.5, UL and CSA Compliant

Special Applications

Small to Large – Industry Specific or Galvanized

  • From small footprints, low profile to extra wide doors.  Kernic can find the right size Vertical for you
  • We can provide industry specific balers such as Textile, Food or retail.
  • Galvanized balers are available in most models, designed for wet or demanding environments.
yellow cardboard baler with man inserting cardboard box. Up against a concrete warehouse wall

X25 Vertical Baler

Low profile and high compaction

  • Wide, high volume chamber.
  • Handles diverse types of materials (cardboard, plastic stretch film, alu cans, PET bottles and more).
  • Efficient and fast cycle time.
  • Retainer dogs prevent material from expanding in the bale chamber.
  • Low overall height (<6 1/2 feet high).
  • No openings or moving parts on the outside of the machine.


Balers made safety by design 




Horizontal Manual Tie Balers

Horizontal Manual Tie Balers

Auto Tie Baler 1

Auto-Tie Balers

Baling Wire