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X10 HD Vertical Baler

The X10 HD Low Profile Vertical Baler from Bramidan is the industry leading low profile, multi-material baler for businesses with small waste volumes. With a press force of 22,000 lbs., retainer dogs to keep material compressed, and a frontal tie system, this machine is the perfect solution to your waste handling needs. This model operates on single phase 110V power that requires a dedicated 20A circuit, allowing this unit to be installed easily in any industry.

This machine offers the lowest in-class noise levels and is incredibly simple to use. It’s simple and safe operation comes standard with an automatic full light indicator and two-handed automatic bale eject. The X10 HD comes standard with the BRA-IN monitoring system from Bramidan that tracks bale output, sends notifications when bales are ready to be tied off, and more! Take your waste management practices to the next level with this simple, small, and powerful unit!

  • Finished carboard bales weigh up to 200 lbs.
  • Handles multiple different types of materials
  • Very low noise level (<60 dB)
  • Durable compaction
  • Retainer dogs prevent material from expanding in the bale chamber
  • Efficient and fast cycle time
  • No openings or moving parts on outside of machine
  • Low overall height (<6.5 feet)
woman filling a yellow baler with cardboard
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Press Force

22,000 lbs.

Waste Volume


Feed Opening Size

WxH (in.) 31″ x 24″

Bale Size

WxDxH (in.) 30″x 24″x 24″

Bale Weight

150 – 245 lbs.

Waste Types

Cardboard, HDPE, PET, Alu Cans

Press Force

8,800 lbs.

Waste Volume


Feed Opening Size

WxH (in.) 30″ x 18″

Bale Size

WxDxH (in.) 30″x20″x24″

Bale Weight

85 – 155 lbs.

Waste Types

Cardboard, Paper, Plastic

Product Features

Powerful Press Force

The X10 HD is a small and compact machine with a powerful press force that’s unique for its size.

Safe Ejection Process

The ergonomic two-hand ejection sequence safely ejects the finished bale and eliminates risk for injury.

Product Highlights

  • Single phase power 110V – dedicated 20A circuit required.
  • Safe to operate – complies with all Ontario and Canadian safety standards
  • Internal crossed cylinders – low operational height with high press force.
  • Frontal Tie System – allows baler to be placed up against a wall.

Connect, monitor and analyze your equipment

With the BRA-IN monitoring solution you can make faster and better decisions while reducing your costs of operation.

  • Automated pick-ups and alerts possible
  • Online access to live status of your equipment
  • Output documentation possible







Technical Specifications

x10 noise comparison chart
x10 technical specifications
x10 dimensions
small yellow baler in outdoor shed


Small footprint baler with a high press force and automatic bale ejection function.

  • Finished bales weigh 85-155 lbs.
  • Bales cardboard, paper and plastic
  • Automatic bale ejection
  • Single Phase 110V power
  • Quiet & Safe Operation
B4 Vertical Baler
touchscreen control panel


Kernic Systems provides factory trained technicians and the right consumables (baling wire, replacement parts, etc.) to help keep your operation running smoothly.

With baling wire in-stock, contact us today to see how Kernic can provide peace of mind maintenance.

teal x6030 baler with cardboard bale in front


Compact multiple different materials into mill-size bales with the large 60 inch chamber up to 1,300 lbs.

  • Finished bales weigh 800-1,300 lbs
  • Bales cardboard, PET bottles, alu cans, EPS foam and more.
  • Available in Three Phase 600V and 480V models.
X6030 LP Vertical Baler

Who uses our Vertical Balers?

yellow baler in manufacturing facility

Industry Manufacturing

retail store aisles

Retail Stores

warehouse facility with racks and cardboard boxes

Distribution Centers

hospital red emergency sign

Health Sector

blue recycling bins at recycle and sort facility

Recycling Centers

yellow telehandler grabbing a textile bale with grip attachment

Waste Handling

fast food store front

Fast Food Chains

high school building exterior

Public Sector

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