Horizontal Full-Eject Manual Tie Balers

Kernic Systems offers a full range of horizontal full-eject balers to improve your recycling systems. Our full-eject manual-tie balers come with multiple styles and sizes of hoppers for various applications. They can also be fed with air conveying systems, feed conveyors, and cart tippers.

Horizontal full-eject balers are the perfect way to streamline your recycling program. Take your material recovery to the next level with our complete and comprehensive lineup of horizontal full-eject balers.

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Capable of baling multiple materials including but not limited to: OCC, folding carton stock, paper, PET & HDPE bottles, ABS plastic, UBC cans, steel cans, textiles, aluminum & copper wires, plastic film, and more!


SmartBale Intelligent baler control allows for saving of a complete set of parameters for each commodity to be baled. This allows an operator to reconfigure the baler during a material change by simply selecting the new material from a menu.


The controls for operation and bale ejection were mounted near the front of the baler. This gives the operator an unrestricted view while ejecting a completed bale. Safe and effective operation for total peace of mind!

Horizontal Full-Eject Multi-Material Balers

Kernic Systems offers a customizable range of horizontal full-eject manual tie balers to bale a wide variety of materials.

Balers offered by Kernic Systems are of the highest quality; they deliver long life, superior reliability, and quality bales. Our Balers meet current safety levels and deliver the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO).

Balers for All Applications

Baling your waste material or recyclables saves you money and helps the environment. Horizontal full-eject manual tie balers increase the productivity and are commonly used in a wide variety of applications, such as distribution centers and warehouses, medium to large recycling facilities, and manufacturing facilities.

  • Gravity-actuated retaining dogs

  • Easy-tie system

  • Hopper sizes to adapt to any conveyor feed

  • Automatic bale decompression

  • Interlocking Baler Chassis

  • Ships with full tank of oil

  • Full penetration and full bale eject

  • Available with optional shear blade

  • Complete UL listed integrated control system

Common Applications

  • Distribution Centers

  • Recycling Centers

  • Manufacturing

  • Automotive Plants

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Commonly used in distribution centers and warehouses, horizontal full-eject shear balers are perfect for managing high volumes of corrugated boxes. They are easily integrated into conveyor feeds and have multiple opening options to suit the needs of your business.


Commonly used to bale post-consumer materials, horizontal  full-eject balers can easily switch between different materials, reducing valuable baling time. With a shift in recycling rules in Ontario, across Canada, and throughout the USA, more and more post-consumer materials will be recycled.


Balers require a seamless integration into your day-to-day operations. At Kernic Systems, we offer a full suite of professional services to help your business with all of its recycling needs. From designing new systems, to integrating new machinery into old systems, Kernic has you covered.


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