Kernic Systems Offers a Full Range of Horizontal Closed-Door Manual Tie Balers

Balers for High Productivity

Horizontal Closed-Door Manual Tie Balers can be adapted to Air Conveying Systems, Feed Conveyors and Cart Tippers. Closed-Door Balers are designed to bale a wide variety of materials and can save you money and help the environment.

Balers offered by Kernic Systems are of the highest quality; they deliver long life, superior reliability, and quality bales. Our Balers meet current safety levels and deliver the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO).

Kernic Systems’ full line of balers ranges from Vertical Balers to High-production, Single-Ram extrusion and Two-Ram Balers.

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Kernic Systems offers full-system solutions, including parts and service support.

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  • Automatic cycle control

  • Hopper sizes to adapt to any air system or feed conveyor

  • Wide range of bale sizes to suit your application

  • Complete UL listed integrated control system

  • Full penetration and full bale eject

  • Over size wide body machines for large cardboard

  • Fail safe bale release door
  • Available with optional shear blade
  • Ships with full tank of oil




Auto Tie Baler 1

Auto-Tie Balers


Two Ram Balers

Vertical Balers