Negative Pressure Dust Collectors

Kernic Systems is now offering negative pressure (vacuum) dust collection systems from Hocker Polytechnik. They operate without the need for noisy material handling fans that operate under positive pressure, pushing the material through the system. The negative pressure dust collectors operate opposite to positive pressure systems and pull the material through the system.

Design options include both indoor and outdoor installation options. The collector is sized to the system, and allows for multiple output capabilities (two or more balers or compactors). Negative pressure dust collectors are the highest quality and synthesize German engineering and North American throughput expectations. The collectors deliver long service life, superior reliability, meet and exceed all current health and safety standards, and generate the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

At Kernic Systems, our OneSource™ for Simplicity solution takes your systems integration from design to startup. With our team of dedicated and experienced engineers, we customize your system to suit the needs and requirements of your business.

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Complete system integration

For over 40 years, Kernic Systems has provided energy efficient, complete scrap recovery systems and services to a wide range of markets, including, but not limited to: Corrugated Box Plants, Folding Carton Manufacturers, Printers, Envelope Manufactures, Coffee Filter Manufacturers, and Paper Converters.

With over 40 years of experience and our OneSource™ for Simplicity, we have the solution to all of your scrap recovery requirements.

Cleanliness at a new level

Negative pressure dust collection systems offer unparalleled levels of health and safety. Operating under negative pressure drastically reduces ‘leakage’ commonly found in positive pressure systems. This dramatically improves dust levels, helping your plant/production facility stay ‘spotless’ in comparison to a traditional positive pressure system.

Industrial Applications

Folding Carton Plants

The negative pressure system is the perfect option for your folding carton plant. Combined with a Hocker Polytechnik grip edge shredder, this system can service your modern high-speed die cutting equipment, like the BOBST 145 Mastercut Die Cutter (pictured here). Contact us today to learn more!

Corrugated Box Plants

Corrugated box plants have hard duty cycles that require efficient and effective scrap recovery and dust management. The negative vacuum system ensures the health and safety of your employees, while meeting the considerable requirements of your corrugated production plant. Contact us today to learn more!

Paper Converting Operations

The Hocker Polytechnik MultiStar Dust Collectors are an efficient and effective option to manage the trim waste generated at your paper converting operation. With multiple sizes available, including smaller, compact units, Kernic has the dust collector to suit the needs of your business. Contact us today to learn more!



Balers offered by Kernic Systems are the perfect way to take your material recovery to the next level. With options available ranging from manual feed vertical balers, horizontal manual ties, to auto-tie high production balers, Kernic has the perfect option to suit the needs of your business.

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Kernic Systems provides factory trained technicians and the right consumables (baling wire, additional parts, etc.) to help keep your operation running smoothly. With baling wire in-stock, along with many wear-and-tear parts for your machines, contact us today for peace of mind maintenance.


Shredders offered by Kernic Systems are excellent options to make your waste material manageable for the baling and recovery process. With multiple options available for every industry, click the link below to find the shredder that best suits the needs of your business.

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    • Wide range of bale sizes to suit your application

    • Wide range of bale sizes to suit your application

    • Wide range of bale sizes to suit your application