Kernic Systems offers in-line blanking shredders to improve your recycling systems. Blanking/die-cut shredders are easily adapted to your modern die-cutting machine and your existing pneumatic conveying systems to manage and shred your high volume scrap materials.

Blanking/die-cut shredders are the perfect way to manage your high volume blanking/die-cutting scrap with an easy to maintain and low profile shredding unit. By integrating these units into your existing recycling systems, you can take your material recovery process to the next level.

bobst machine and shredder

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A simple to use control panel is integrated into the shredding unit. This allows for a seamless integration of the shredder into your existing scrap removal system, to service your high volume die cutting machine.


The PHSS die-cutting and blanking shredder is compatible with any die cutter on the market. With adjustable width, this leading edge shredder is capable of handling all of your die-cutting, grip edges, and stamping grid scrap.


With the shredder mounted on castors and overall small footprint, this unit is ideal for servicing your automatic die-cutting machines while reducing the overall space requirements of your scrap handling system.

High-Capacity Blanking/Die-Cut Shredding

Kernic Systems offers the most efficient die-cut leading edge shredders to handle high volumes of grip edges and stamping waste.

Shredders offered by Kernic Systems are of the highest quality; they deliver long life, superior reliability, and quality shredding. Our shredders meet current safety levels and deliver the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO).

Low Profile, High Volume Shredding

Die-cutting/blanking shredders in the PHSS series are fast-running single-shaft shredders with a stripper for crushing lead edges, large-format die cutting and solid fibre board or corrugated cardboard skeletons.

The PHSS shredder is tailored to meet the requirements of modern automatic cutting presses: Waste volumes up to 10,000 sheets/h with a format up to 63″ can be processed. Even large-size die cutting waste can be conveyed by air and additional booster shredding fans are not needed.

Features of the PHSS Blanking/Die-Cutting Shredder:

  • Fast running single-shaft shredder with stripper.

  • Can handle large-format die cutting waste and solid fibre board/corrugated cardboard skeletons.

  • Working width of 32″ – 67″ (800mm – 1700mm).
  • Power: 10 HP. – 25 HP. (7.5 kW – 18.5 kW).

  • Easy to use integrated control panel.

  • Simple integration into your existing pneumatic conveying system.

  • Different configurations available.

bales and ductwork in front of bobst machine and shredder


Our folding carton centralized scrap  systems are designed to pneumatically convey scrap generated from your Folding Carton processes, including modern high-speed die cutters, flexo presses, sheeters and shredders to the material separator, dust collector, and baling systems.


Kernic Systems waste paper recovery systems are designed to pneumatically convey waste trim generated from your in-line press finishing and bindery. Our centralized scrap removal systems include both above-roof or below-roof systems with single grade or multiple grade separation.


Kernic Systems offers a full and comprehensive array of support equipment for your modern operation. Whether you are looking to upgrade an existing scrap system, or if you are looking to install a new one, our team of experts with over 40 years of experience are here to help.


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    • silver blanking shredder with bobst die cutter and balers in background

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