Dust Collection & Air Filtration Systems for Every Applications

As a designer and supplier of complete Dust Collection Systems, our high-quality equipment and exacting engineering standards deliver you a OneSource™ for Simplicity solution to your clean-air requirements.

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Dust Collection & Air Filtration – for Every Industry

We offer dust, fume and mist collection solutions to suit any application and budget in any industry:

  • Blasting

  • Chemical Processing

  • Fiberglass and FRP

  • Food Processing

  • Metal Working

  • Mining and Aggregates

  • Paper and Corrugated

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Plastics

  • Rubber

  • Tissue

  • Thermal Spray

  • Welding

  • Wood Working

Today’s businesses require energy-efficient and capable Dust Collection systems that comply with current OSHA, EPA and NFPA regulations.

Kernic Systems offers a variety of air pollution control equipment to meet any challenge, with both safety and efficiency in mind:


Negative Pressure Dust Collectors

Kernic System offers negative pressure dust collectors from Hocker Polytechnik. They combine German efficiency with North American throughput demand to create a dust collector capable of high volumes and low total cost of ownership. Rather than utilizing noisy material handling fans to convey material under positive pressure to the collector, the negative pressure unit utilizes suction to pull the material and dust laden air towards the collector. Combined with an intelligent PLC, this unit throttles down during low throughput times, saving you money.  The end result is an extremely clean and efficient dust collector for your business.

Continuous Duty Bag Type

Kernic System offers Continuous-Duty Bag Type dust collectors that can operate efficiently either in negative or positive pressure. These dust collectors are designed with air inlets and baffling to direct the heavier particles into the lower part of the hopper where they are continuously collected by a pneumatic or mechanical system. The finer dust is captured upward in the filtering section using filter bags. The clean air is returned to the plant or to the atmosphere.

Continuous Duty Pulse Jet Cartridge

Kernic Systems offers Continuous-Duty Pulse Jet Cartridge Dust Collectors for high-efficiency filtration and the latest safety innovations. Kernic can provided multiple filter options to suit almost any type of dust or process, including secondary safety filtration with HEPA-grade efficiency.

Electric Shaker Units

Kernic System offers Electric Shaker Unit dust collectors as an efficient and cost-effective solution to your process requirements. These dust collectors are ideally suited to standalone processes that require dust extraction and collection. Electric Shaker Unit dust collectors offer the benefit of simplified installation with low electrical power requirements and no need for compressed air supply, which can be costly to operate.

Oil & Coolant Mist Collectors

Clean, economical, safe. The Handte product line by Camfil offers energy saving and increased production efficiency while controlling indoor air quality. These dust and mist collectors, whether used for pollution control or product recovery, can impact all of these areas. The Handte product line benefits from a completely modular design. This allows for optimized sizing to your process with the flexibility for expansion as your production increases.

Explosion Proof Vacuums

That’s why specialized industrial vacuums are now generally accepted as the best way to combat combustible dust and other explosive materials. However, in many cases these vacuums – with electric motors and metal parts – could produce a dangerous spark.  Kernic Systems offers the most complete line of Nilfisk Explosion-Proof vacuum solutions for almost any application or environment.

Wet Scrubbers & Dust Collectors

Kernic Systems offers the safest wet-scrubbing solutions when dealing with flammable/combustible materials. They work by removing particles from a gas stream through contact and binding with a scrubbing fluid. These units offer the benefits of high-level separation and safe operating methods, along with low maintenance (no filter elements).

Industrial High Vacuum Units

Kernic Systems offers a broad line of versatile industrial vacuum systems that are built to last. They are available with a variety of construction materials and collection and disposal options and capacities. Whatever your needs, desired performance, efficiency, and reliability are, we have the vacuum cleaner for you. Kernic’s OneSource™ for Simplicity approach as a complete Dust Collection Systems designer and supplier provides a turn-key solution for your clean-air requirements.



Balers offered by Kernic Systems are the perfect way to take your material recovery to the next level. With options available ranging from manual feed vertical balers, horizontal manual ties, to auto-tie high production balers, Kernic has the perfect option to suit the needs of your business.

touchscreen control panel


Kernic Systems provides factory trained technicians and the right consumables (baling wire, additional parts, etc.) to help keep your operation running smoothly. With baling wire in-stock, along with many wear-and-tear parts for your machines, contact us today for peace of mind maintenance.


Safety & Compliance is an integral part of your operation. At Kernic Systems, we provide a complete analysis of all safety features on all of our machinery. We design systems that meet and exceed all necessary safety and compliance measures. The best machines are the safest ones.

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