Kernic Systems Offers High-Quality Bale Tying Solutions
for Every Application

Kernic Systems carries a full line of high-quality baling wire for auto-tie and manual-tie balers – whether you need bundles of ties, a pallet of boxed wire, cases of poly strapping for vertical balers, or a supply-chain solution for multiple facilities.

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Vertical Baler Plastic Strapping for Bramidan Vertical Balers

3/8″ Strapping

One case of 3/8″ bale strapping contains 8 rolls, each 820 feet in length. 

The 3/8″ strapping is recommended for bales up to 500 lbs in weight.


1/2″ Strapping

One case of 1/2″ bale strapping contains 8 rolls, each 820 feet in length. 

The 1/2″ strapping is recommended for bales up to 800 lbs in weight.

3/8" Bale Strapping

for bales up to 500 lbs.

1/2" Bale Strapping

for bales up to 800 lbs.

Auto-Tie Baling Wire

Black Annealed Baling Wire (Boxed Wire)

Packaged in a strong corrugated box and feeds from either the center or outside of the coil.
Coil sizes:

  • 100lb. per Coil, 36 boxes per pallet
  • 50 lb. per Coil, 45 boxes per pallet


  • Palletized or Straight Master Bundles with lifting straps.

Galvanized High Tensile (Spool Wire)

Ideal for high volume balers; continuous coil wire comes on a tubular steel carrier, which eliminates the need from frequent coil changes.

Coil sizes:

  • 11, 12 and 13 gauge.
  • Packaging: Tubular steel carriers, weighing approximately 1800 lbs. (820Kg.)

Manual Tie Baling Wire (Bale Ties)

  • Sizes: 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14 gauge (Strength from 3000 to 1100 lbs.), in lengths from 10″ to 24″.
  • Packaging: Master bundles contain 10 bundles. Each bundle contains 125 or 250 wires, depending on wire length selected.
  • Single-Loop Bale Ties: available in black annealed or galvanized.

Manual-Tie Tool for Single-Loop Bale Ties:

  • Eliminates hand-tying and provides better bale integrity.
  • Bales stay compact for better handling and transport.


Balers offered by Kernic Systems are the perfect way to take your material recovery to the next level. With options available ranging from manual feed vertical balers, horizontal manual ties, to auto-tie high production balers, Kernic has the perfect option to suit the needs of your business.

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Kernic Systems provides factory trained technicians and the right consumables (baling wire, additional parts, etc.) to help keep your operation running smoothly. With baling wire in-stock, along with many wear-and-tear parts for your machines, contact us today for peace of mind maintenance.


Ecommerce and retail generate high volumes of OCC, even at the smaller scale operations. Kernic Systems offers a comprehensive lineup of verticals to compliment your recycling program. From mill-size machines, to space-saving, small-footprint units, we have units in-stock, ready to ship.

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