Kernic Systems Offers High Quality Baling Wire for Your Applications.

Kernic Systems carries a full line of high-quality baling wire for auto-tie and manual-tie balers – whether you need bundles of ties, a pallet of boxed wire, or a supply-chain solution for multiple facilities.

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Auto-Tie Baling Wire

Black Annealed Baling Wire (Boxed Wire)

Packaged in a strong corrugated box and feeds from either the center or outside of the coil.
Coil sizes:

  • 100lb. per Coil, 36 boxes per pallet
  • 50 lb. per Coil, 45 boxes per pallet


  • Palletized or Straight Master Bundles with lifting straps.

Galvanized High Tensile (Spool Wire)

Ideal for high volume balers; continuous coil wire comes on a tubular steel carrier, which eliminates the need from frequent coil changes.

Coil sizes:

  • 11, 12 and 13 gauge.
  • Packaging: Tubular steel carriers, weighing approximately 1800 lbs. (820Kg.)

Manual Tie Baling Wire (Bale Ties)

  • Sizes: 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14 gauge (Strength from 3000 to 1100 lbs.), in lengths from 10″ to 24″.
  • Packaging: Master bundles contain 10 bundles. Each bundle contains 125 or 250 wires, depending on wire length selected.
  • Single-Loop Bale Ties: available in black annealed or galvanized.


Manual-Tie Tool for Single-Loop Bale Ties:

  • Eliminates hand-tying and provides better bale integrity.
  • Bales stay compact for better handling and transport.

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