Our Global Supply Partners

Kernic Systems has global supply partners that span across North America and Europe. These strategic partnerships allow us to provide the highest quality systems, support equipment, and training to service the needs of your business.

Höcker Polytechnik GmbH

Höcker Polytechnik has been designing, planning and building clean air technology solutions for industrial waste management companies across the globe.  Their products have been exceeding customer expectations for 55 years as they are highly innovative, perform to exceptionally high standards and achieve a rapid return on investment.

Maren Engineering

Maren Engineering Corporation is an industry leading recycling baler manufacturer located in South Holland, Illinois. Since 1962, their balers and shredders handle high volumes of material, from OCC to non-ferrous materials. Their systems require low labor inputs and create high quality bales from large quantities of recycled materials.

Bramidan International

Bramidan International has developed and produced balers and waste handling equipment for many customer groups and industries around the world for more than 40 years. Their lineup of vertical balers are the quietest and safest options on the market, and allow for safe and effective compaction of cardboard, plastic, aluminum cans, and much more!


NORDFAB is a manufacturer of duct products for environmental filtration systems. Their ducting is an integral part of dust, mist, and fume collection systems around the world. They invented Quick-Fit® clamp-together ductwork, and they are the industry leader, and world’s largest supplier of clamp-together ducting for industrial ventilation.

WEIMA Shredders

WEIMA is known worldwide for its high standards when it comes to quality. They offer shredders , granulators, grinders, draining and briquette presses. In terms of innovation, they are constantly raising their standards. Those who order WEIMA machines from us can rest assured that they’re getting a custom-made solution of the highest quality.

Camfil APC

Camfil APC offers a full lineup of products – from dust and fume collection, to mist extraction. This product line covers a wide variety of applications. In addition to their collectors, they offer a full range of filters as replacements for their current collector line. They also specialize in safety and compliance equipment, such as explosion protection equipment.

Blower Application Company

BloApCo has been working with customers around the world since 1933 and solving a wide variety of waste and scrap handling problems. All BloApCo shredders use their patented “Pierce-and-Tear” shredding concept that includes ripping teeth, mounted on three shafts, counter-rotate at different speeds to “Pierce-and-Tear” material into irregular-sized pieces.

Moldow A/S

Moldow A/S has been manufacturing and developing their products since 1921, and are one of the market leaders in designing and manufacturing dust extraction and collection systems for the corrugated cardboard, paper and fiber industries. Their material separators and pre-separators are an integral piece in complete trim/dust/scrap extraction systems.

Allegheny Shredders

Allegheny Shredders is a manufacturer of industrial shredders and an industry leader for over 50 years, since 1967. Their comprehensive lineup of shredding systems allows Kernic Systems to provide you with the right system for your business. All Allegheny equipment is 100% American-made, manufactured at our factory in Delmont, Pennsylvania.

Nilfisk Group Inc.

Nilfisk offers an extensive range of premium cleaning products and a trusted aftermarket offering to the professional market. Their main product lines are floorcare equipment, industrial vacuum cleaners and explosion-proof vacuum systems. Their industrial vacuums are a perfect fit for multiple industries and businesses, keeping your business safe and clean.



Kernic Systems is Global Designer, Integrator and Installer of complete systems including, Air Conveying & Dust Collection Systems, Baling and Shredding Systems, Recycling Equipment and Industrial Vacuums. Our goal is to provide you with economical and quality solutions to your needs in any of the areas that we serve. We have a skilled staff, some of whom have worked with us for over 20 years.

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    • silver blanking shredder with bobst die cutter and balers in background

    In-Line Blanking Shredders from Hocker Polytechnik

    FOLDING CARTON: In-Line Blanking Shredders from Hocker Polytechnik In-Line Blanking Shredders from Hocker Polytechnik High speed die cutters in the folding carton industry require modern solutions. Enter the PHSS In-line Blanking Shredder from Höcker Polytechnik GmbH. This modern solution for high-speed die cutters is the most efficient shredding system and is capable of handling high volumes of grip [...]