A Reliable Scrap Recovery Solution is the Key to Productivity and Revenue.

Scrap and Non-ferrous Balers provide a cost-effective solution to bale metal materials

Scrap and Non-ferrous Balers provide a cost-effective solution to metal materials by baling large volumes of scrap and non-ferrous recycled material including: aluminum, copper, and steel. It’s a smart investment to maximize the revenue of scrap and non-ferrous metal materials.

The intelligent baler control allows for a complete set of parameters for each commodity to be baled, eliminating the cheat sheets and allowing the baler reconfiguration, during a material change, by simply selecting the new material from a menu.

Nearly all scrap metals can be recycled endlessly to be reused. Scrap and non-ferrous recycling diverts recycled material from landfills to be used again in new consumer products as parts for airlines, automotive, manufacturing, electrical devices, and more.

Balers for scrap and non-ferrous metal recycling benefits include:

  • Reducing Labor Cost – automatic controls reduce low human inputs for handling recycled metal scraps and non-ferrous material
  • Reducing Logistic Costs – Dense bale weights allow almost any commodity to maximize full truckload or container weights.
  • Generating Revenue – continually generate sales from recycled scrap metal
  • Improving Workplace Safety
  • Reducing Fire Hazards – material accumulation reduction
  • Streamlining Scrap and Non-Ferrous Recycled Containers Waste Processing

Kernic Systems is Canada’s largest full-line baler distributor, offering in house engineering and drawings enabling us to meet our customer’s needs in any industry and provide turn-key solutions for your recycling requirements.

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