High Volume Paperboard Core Shredders

Kernic Systems offers new-generation automatic feed core shredders to improve and compliment your recycling systems. The core shredders, made by Hocker Polytechnik, are designed to be adapted to pneumatic conveying systems and be integrated into your overall recycling systems.

Core shredders are the perfect way to dispose of paperboard cores, taking additional stress off of your standard horizontal conveyor feed shredder. Take your material recovery to the next level with the PHH Series Core Shredders.

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*Safety Note* – the integrated scrap hood for certain units in this photo gallery has been removed for demonstration purposes only. The scrap removal hood must be attached or sufficient guarding must be in place to meet any and all local health and safety standards.


The PHH Series Core Shredders manage difficult to dispose of paperboard cores with ease. Take the additional burden off of your conventional horizontal shredder with this high-throughput option.


The unit operates using a completely integrated control panel that is UL listed. The colour touchscreen HMI allows user a simple and safe operating experience.


Process up to 120 cores/hour with the HPT PHH Series core shredders. The shredders are equipped with a self-feeding VFD, to safely and efficiently load and process the paperboard cores.

Paperboard Core Shredders

Kernic Systems offers the new generation Hocker Polytechnik PHH 160 & 190 Series Core Shredders. These heavy-duty, small-footprint, and automatic feed machine shreds up to 120 Kraft paper cores per hour.

Operators simply insert the core into the feeder, where a pneumatically-controlled draw unit automatically feeds the core through the shredder. The PHH 160 shredder processes cores up to 120” long x 6” diameter and 1-¼” wall thickness, while the PHH 190 can process cores up to 120″ long x 7.5″ diameter and 1-¼” wall thickness.

The Core Shredder is complete with advanced safety devices and an integrated control panel with PLC and HMI that are UL Listed.

Reliable Core Shredders

Shredding and baling your waste material or recyclables saves you money and helps the environment. Our paperboard core shredders drastically reduce disposal costs of kraft paper cores and are commonly used in a wide variety of industries such as: corrugated, folding carton, printing, and more!

  • Intelligent self-feeding control with VFD.

  • Process cores up to 120″ in length, 6″ in diameter, and 1 1/4″ wall thickness.

  • Throughput of 40ft./min – up to 120 cores per hour.

  • Heavy-duty steel construction and design with a small footprint.

  • 30 hp. 3/60/460V motor with V-belt drive and flywheel.

  • Easily interchangeable, high-quality, tool steel knives.

  • Easily adaptable to your air conveying system.

Common Applications

  • Corrugated Box Plants

  • Recycling Centers

  • Printers

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Balers offered by Kernic Systems are the perfect way to take your material recovery to the next level. With options available ranging from manual feed vertical balers, horizontal manual ties, to auto-tie high production balers, Kernic has the perfect option to suit the needs of your business.


The right tool for the job, the PHH Core Shredder is designed to handle difficult to dispose of paperboard cores. Reduce the extra capacity on your horizontal conveyor feed shredder by integrating the core shredder into your existing scrap removal system, and take your material recovery to the next level.


At Kernic Systems, we offer a full suite of professional services to help your business with all of its material recovery and recycling needs. From designing new systems, to integrating new machinery into old systems, like our paperboard core shredder, Kernic has you covered.


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