When they are available, Kernic System’s reconditions and sells used balers of various sizes for multiple industries. Inquire today to find out more about used balers and how they can work for your business.


  • 25 Hp
  • Voltage – 208/230/460V
  • Bale Size: 72″ x 30″ x 40″

  • Bale Weight: 1,100-1,500 lbs.
  • Ram Cycle (no load): 25 sec.
  • Ram Thrust: 78,750
  • Hydraulic Cylinder: 7″ cylinder, 48″ stroke
  • Pump (GPM): 48
  • Max Operating Pressure (PSI): 2,300
  • Oil Reservoir: 100 Gal.
  • Shipping Weight: 10,000 lbs.
  • Number of Ties: 5


ALLEGHENY 3420-2572 CE

Allegheny 3420-2572 CE Closed Door Paper Baler

Manufactured Year – 1995 with s/n: 57065


High-performance paper balers to maximize your recycling profits.

Allegheny’s Horizontal Paper Balers compress shredded paper from your industrial shredder into dense, quality bales that are easy to store, transport, and recycle.

Allegheny craftsmen designed and engineered this original equipment focusing on precision, maximum performance, and the safest possible operation for your personnel. In addition to reclaiming recycling profits, your company will save dollars from eliminating the man-hours spent handling shredded materials. You’ll also have more storage space at your disposal.

Fully automatic baling cycle with start-compress-and-stop action, requiring only a part-time operator to tie-off bale and open ejector door. Bale automatically gets ejected as new bale is being formed. Saves space and money.

Our team is ready to integrate this baler as part of your recovery system. Learn more about our Installation team and Parts and Service team.

Please check back for availability soon or contact us to find out what Kernic Systems can do for your business!

Previously Available Used Balers


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