Kernic Systems offers high-efficiency dust briquetters to manage dust generated through your filtration system.

With impressive compression ratios of up to 90:1, briquetters offer users the ability to eliminate drum changes and all of the challenges that come along with conventional dust removal practices.

High-efficiency briquetting solutions
for a variety of applications.

OneSource™ for Simplicity Solution

Briquette Presses or Briquetters are an economical solution to turn various materials like wood, paper and cardboard dust, coffee chaff, and fine metal dust into small, compressed briquettes, without the use of any glues or adhesives.

High-efficiency briquetters can help you cut down on waste, recycling, and save money. Briquetters are the perfect solution – able to be customized to your specific application. Whichever aspects are important to you – disposal, storage, logistics, or profitable waste recycling – briquetters offer a reliable, bespoke solution with many economic advantages.


  • Reduce volumes by up to 90%!
  • Considerably reduce disposal, transport and storage costs
  • Reduce expensive storage and production space
  • Produce high-quality secondary raw materials, high in heating value
  • Provide a new revenue stream because the briquettes can be sold
  • Lower an operation’s fire risk
  • Mitigate the risk of fine dust and pollutants through the compression of shavings and dusty materials into clean, compact briquettes.

High-Efficiency Briquetter systems sold by Kernic Systems offer an economical alternative to costly fire prevention measures. The process greatly reduces the danger of fires and explosions in the warehouses and on shop floors, by consolidating potentially flammable waste into compact briquettes.

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