Support Equipment, for all system applications.

Kernic Systems offers a full and comprehensive array of support equipment for your operation. Whether you are looking to upgrade an existing system, or if you are looking to install a new one, our team of experts with over 40 years of experience are here to help.

Complete Support Equipment Overview

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Rotary Airlock & Screw Conveyors

Knowing how to move the trimmed and scrapped material is a key piece of the recycling system, different materials can be wet, sticky or too dry. Our Airlocks and Screw Conveyors are auxiliary equipment for Recycling Systems designed to be application-specific and manufactured to the highest manufacturing standards delivering premium performance and reliability.

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Kernic Systems low-horsepower Airveyors replace the traditional high-maintenance belt conveyor systems. Kernic Systems’ Airveyors can be custom-fabricated to suit any in-floor pit size, they can be installed above-floor or within a pit. Our Airveyors are reinforced to allow the machine operator to walk on the deck for set-up and troubleshooting requirements.

All Kernic Systems Airveyors are supplied complete with Blower, operating Controls and Inlet Silencer.

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Baler By-Pass Gates

Kernic Systems By-Pass Gates helps to ensure the recycling process keeps running in the event of a prolonged baler failure. Our By-Pass Gates are designed to be application-specific and are manufactured to the highest manufacturing standards, both manual and automatic operation are available.

Whether your requirement is a new installation, retrofit or replacement, Kernic Systems can supply a cost-effective solution.

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Briquette Presses

Briquette Presses or Briquetter are an economical solution to turn various materials like wood, paper and cardboard dust, coffee chaff, and fine metal dust into small, compressed briquettes, without the use of any glues or adhesives.


  • Reduce volumes by up to 90%!
  • Considerably reduce disposal, transport and storage costs
  • Reduce expensive storage and production space
  • Produce high-quality secondary raw materials, high in heating value
  • Provide a new revenue stream because the briquettes can be sold
  • Lower an operation’s fire risk
  • Mitigate the risk of fine dust and pollutants through the compression of shavings and dusty materials into clean, compact briquettes.
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Control Systems

Each control panel is manufactured to the highest standards and the latest electrical regulations and codes. Once a control panel is completed, our in-house technicians inspect and functionally test the control panel before shipping it to the installation site. Our control panels are manufactured with name-brand components to ensure reliable and safety performance.

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Cyclones are designed for pre-separation, prior to a higher efficiency Dust Collection System or as an independent Separator for large volumes of coarse material.

Cyclones work by taking advantage of gravity; the incoming material falls out of the airstream to the bottom to be recycled, while the air continues upwards to be treated accordingly.


We offer spiral ductwork with flanges, NORDFAB®, Quick-Fit®, QF® ducting, modular ductwork or mild steel welded ductwork for heavier applications.

Whether your ductwork requirement is for a new installation or replacement, Kernic can provide a cost-effective solution including after sale service and parts support.

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Fans & Diverters

Kernic systems offers a full range of fans for Industrial-Duty, Material-Handling, and Industrial Exhaust and Inline Duct Diverters.

Our Fans and Diverters are designed to be application-specific and are manufactured to the highest manufacturing standards.

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High-Speed Abort Gate

Sparks, flames and smoke can occur during the conveying process of combustible materials, such as paper dust, wood dust, plastics, pharmaceuticals, and various metal dusts causing fires and explosions.

Regulations and enforcement by any local Authority Having Jurisdiction (“AHJ”) for combustible dust explosion hazards have increased over the past years. In most cases, the AHJ will refer to the NFPA Codes and the Standard for Dust Collection and Combustible Dusts. Dust Collection Systems handling combustible dust require additional safety features that can include High Speed Abort Gates.

High Speed Abort Gates are located in the return air duct stream and are designed to divert filtered conveying air to the atmosphere in the event that sparks, smoke or flames have been detected. Abort Gates are an efficient way to protect your investment and ensure you are compliant.

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Material Separators

Material separators are dedicated to the pre-separation of coarse material from the dust-laden airstream. Kernic Systems offers a variety of material separators, such as cyclones, Rotary Valve and Screen Separators.

Material separators are available in different configurations for different applications that include but are not limited to: paper converting, corrugated box plants, folding carton plants, plastic recyclers, and more.

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Fans, large or small, produce noise. Fan noise varies, depending on fan size, horsepower, airflow, type of fan, wheel static pressure, rotational speed, and others factors. Generally, silencers are used at the intake or discharge of fan installations for treating noise. Silencers use an absorptive-type design; the effectiveness of absorption material progressively reduces noise.

Kernic Systems Offers a Full Range of Fan Inlet and Outlet Silencers for your project.

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Trim Cutters

In many cases, machinery production is highly dependent on an in-line Trim Cutter as part of the Trim Waste Removal System. Trim Cutters can be used in Conveying Systems for cutting trim film, foil, paper or similar products. Trim Cutters have a fixed blade and a rotating blade, providing a scissor-like cutting action.

Trim Cutters cut continuous material into small pieces that will convey through the ductwork to a collection system, such as a baler or compactor. Trim Cutters can also be used wherever one or more edge trims are conveyed through the same duct.

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Kernic Systems is Global Designer, Integrator and Installer of complete systems including, Air Conveying & Dust Collection Systems, Baling and Shredding Systems, Recycling Equipment and Industrial Vacuums. Our goal is to provide you with economical and quality solutions to your needs in any of the areas that we serve. We have a skilled staff, some of whom have worked with us for over 20 years.



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