Kernic Systems Offers a Full Range of Support Equipment and Components, Any of Which Can Be Integrated Into a Kernic Systems Design or Supplied as an Equipment Upgrade

Support equipment includes…

  • AirVeyors

  • Briquetters

  • Ductwork Components

  • Integrated Control Systems Trim Cutters

  • Fans/Silencers

  • Conveyors

  • Design/Consulting

  • Cart Tippers

Kernic Systems offers full-system solutions, including services and parts support.

Contact Kernic Systems at 905-632-0562 or


Airlock Screw Conveyor 03

Airlock and Screw Conveyors

Kernic Systems Airveyor Banner


Electric Shaker Units

Baler By-Pass Gates

Briquetting Banner Photo

Briquette Presses

Control Systems Banner

Control Systems


Ductwork Banner Photo


Fans and Diverters - Kernic Systems

Fans and Diverters

High speed abort gate

High Speed Abort Gate

industrial vacuum in action

Industrial Vacuums

Material Separators

Industrial Silencers


trim cutter

Trim Cutter