Post-Consumer Recycling Balers

Kernic Systems offers a full range of post-consumer material balers to improve your recycling systems. Post consumer balers can be adapted to conveyor systems, and can be loaded by hand, skid steer, Bobcat, and more!

Post-consumer balers are the perfect way to transform multiple post-consumer materials into revenue streams. Take your material recovery to the next level with our complete and comprehensive lineup of post-consumer balers.

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Capable of baling multiple materials including but not limited to: OCC, office paper, UBC (aluminum cans), HDPE & PET plastics, ABS/PC plastics, tin cans, carpet foam, and more!


Advanced progressive shear blade design with 30″ penetration reduces shear jams and utilizes maximum ram pressure for compaction. The shear blade is a replaceable double edge design made of hardened and ground tool steel.


Multiple sizes of post-consumer balers are available that include: vertical balers, full-eject manual tie, auto-tie horizontal, and two-ram options are available to suit then needs of your business.

Post-Consumer Multi-Material Balers

Kernic Systems offers a full range of Post-Consumer Balers to bale a wide variety of materials.

Balers offered by Kernic Systems are of the highest quality; they deliver long life, superior reliability, and quality bales. Our Balers meet current safety levels and deliver the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO).

Balers for All Applications

Baling your waste material or recyclables saves you money and helps the environment. Post-consumer balers increase productivity and are commonly used in a wide variety of applications, such as recycling centers of all sizes, retailers (liquor and beer stores), manufacturing facilities, restaurants, and more!

Balers provide a cost-effective solution to several materials by baling large volumes of waste and e-scrap including Office paper, UBC (aluminum cans), HDPE plastics, ABS/PC plastics, Tin cans, PET plastics, Carpets and Paddings among others. It’s a smart investment for the maximum revenue of scrap and non-ferrous metal materials.

Benefits of post-consumer balers include:

  • Reducing labour cost – low human inputs for handling post-consumer materials.

  • Reducing disposal costs – recycled post-consumer materials extend the life of recycled material that are removed from the waste stream.

  • Generating revenue – recycled post-consumer sales from cardboard, paper, plastics, tin, and more!

  • Improving workplace safety.

  • Reducing fire hazards – material accumulation reduction.

  • Streamlining post-consumer recycling process.

Available Sizes

  • Horizontal Two Ram Balers

  • Horizontal Manual-Tie Full Eject Baler

  • Mill-Size Vertical Balers

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Commonly used to bale post-consumer materials, horizontal  full-eject balers can easily switch between different materials, reducing valuable baling time. With a shift in recycling rules in Ontario, across Canada, and throughout the USA, more and more post-consumer materials will be recycled.


The right tool for the job, horizontal two-ram shear balers are the answer to your post-consumer recycling needs. Designed for high volume facilities, these balers can handle the difficult duty cycles required in the recycling industry. Usually these units are fed by integrated conveyors.


Convert bulky waste materials such as cardboard, plastic, aluminum, and paper, into easy-to-handle bales. Vertical Balers can be used to bale material to save valuable storage space, to reduce waste handling costs, and even to create an additional source of revenue for your business.


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