Cardboard Managed? Check.

If you are a grocery store operator, you know how many cardboard boxes you recycle on a regular basis. You understand how many times a week/month your cardboard bin is emptied, and how much time it takes your employees to break down boxes for recycling.

A second-generation Italian butcher shop in North York (Toronto) faced this exact dilemma. Globe Meats Fresh Market & Grill needed a solution to their seemingly never-ending supply of cardboard boxes.

They reached out to Kernic Systems for help dealing with their high volume of thick cardboard boxes generated from their daily operations. We suggested a wide fill chamber vertical baler to handle not only the widest of boxes, but heavy duty meat boxes used to transport thick cuts of beef, pork, and other meats.

B5 Wide Vertical Baler

The B5 Wide was the perfect solution for their daily cardboard needs. With a high press-force of 11,000 lbs, this compact vertical baler handles their current cardboard volumes with ease. Bramidan balers also boast the lowest noise levels for vertical balers on the market, coming in between 65-68 dB. With a seating section to service their grill customers, noise levels are very important. The low decibel levels were a crucial consideration for Globe Meats it does not reduce the ambience of the relaxing and delicious dining experience.

Capable of producing bales up to 250 lbs, the B5 W is an excellent option for a facility that needs to recycle wide boxes, keeping their noise levels low, and where space is a premium. Bramidan Vertical Balers all tie off bales from the front, which allows the machines to be placed right up against a wall. With an auto eject function and safe, two-handed operation, Bramidan vertical balers are the perfect solution to handle your recyclable waste materials such as: cardboard, plastic wrap, aluminum cans, plastic bottles, and more!


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