Abort Gates Isolate Fire and Explosion in the Ducting System Saving the Main Components

Protect your Recycling System

Sparks, flames and smoke can occur during the conveying process of combustible materials, such as paper dust, wood dust, plastics, pharmaceuticals, and various metal dusts causing fires and explosions.

Regulations and enforcement by any local Authority Having Jurisdiction (“AHJ”) for combustible dust explosion hazards have increased over the past years. In most cases, the AHJ will refer to the NFPA Codes and the Standard for Dust Collection and Combustible Dusts. Dust Collection Systems handling combustible dust require additional safety features that can include High Speed Abort Gates.

High Speed Abort Gates are located in the return air duct stream and are designed to divert filtered conveying air to the atmosphere in the event that sparks, smoke or flames have been detected. Abort Gates are an efficient way to protect your investment and ensure you are compliant.

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