Turn-Key Dust Extraction System for Composite Can Manufacturer

Last week, Kernic Systems wrapped up another turn-key dust extraction system for a composite can manufacturer in Canada.

This new greenfield composite can facility generates a high volume of dust as part of the ‘skiving’ process in the production of spiral wound fiber cans. Kernic provided a turn-key engineered system that will handle their current volumes and allow for future additional lines. This total labor free system design features a pre-separator cyclone ahead of the dust collector, automatic dust transfer from the Camfil dust collector to an integrated Weima briquetter. A bypass allowance was created in the event of a briquetter failure. The system is fully compliant with explosion venting, spark detection, high-speed abort gate, smoke detector and a dust collector inlet isolation valve.

Composite Can Production

The equipment used in the spiral-wound composite cans is very complex and efficient. An aluminum layer is bonded with 2 or 3 layers of kraft paper and sealed using melted polyethylene. This forms airtight tubes that can be used for food, grease, salt, etc. From there the tubes are cut into more manageable sizes, where they proceed through automated gluing machines that apply labels. Once labels are applied, the tubes are cut to the correct lengths, tops are added depending on the customer’s requirements, and the bottoms are sent with the tubes for sealing at the customer’s facility once the product is loaded into the tubes. During the production process, the tubes and kraft paper undergoes skiving, which thins the material where it is wound and bonded together. This allows the tubes to be perfectly cylindrical without raised edges where the layers of kraft paper meet. The material removed during the skiving process goes through the Kernic supplied air conveying system to be separated from air, with the material being recycled in the form of briquettes.

This week, the Kernic install team heads to Chicago for the start of a new two-grade centralized trim extraction system for a leading envelope manufacturer. Stay tuned for more details!

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