Safety Gear Company Uses B5W Cardboard Vertical Baler

Tool & Safety Gear Distributor Uses B5W Baler for Cardboard Cost saving solution at an affordable price for this tool and safety gear distribution company in southwestern Ontario for their cardboard and shrink wrap waste streams. The B5W cardboard vertical baler was the perfect 'tool' for the job. This distrbition center [...]

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Steel Drum Waste Managed with a Safe Drum Crusher

Manage Empty Steel Drums with a Bramidan DP16 Drum Crusher Another customer managing their recyclable steel drums with this efficient machine! An insulation installer in the Winnipeg area recently acquired a DP16 Drum Crusher from Bramidan Group to manage their steel drum waste. The drum crusher compresses 55 gallon steel drums by up to [...]

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Low Profile Vertical Baler Installed for Shrink Wrap

Heavy Duty Low Profile Vertical Baler for Shrink Wrap Last week, Kernic Systems installed and commissioned another Bramidan Group vertical baler to manage shrink wrap at a worldwide producer of screening and crushing equipment. The X25 vertical baler from Bramidan creates dense, 48" bales of soft plastic or shrink wrap weighing up [...]

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Small Footprint Vertical Baler for Plastic Wrap

Small Footprint, Plug & Play Vertical Baler to Manage Coloured Plastic Wrap Another day, another vertical baler for plastic wrap. A recent install of a small footprint B5W vertical baler from Bramidan Group at a large, distribution center for a prominent hardware retailer in Canada to manage their non-clear plastic wrap waste. With [...]

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Two Ram Baler – Labour Reducing Install

Two-Ram Baler - Labour Reducing Installation Our latest baler installation takes us to a large distribution center in eastern Ontario for a large multi-national retailer in an effort to reduce labour required to recycle their waste materials. The Maren two-ram baler with integrated conveyor feed replaces the work of 6 vertical [...]

Shrink Wrap – Managed

Shrink Wrap Baler &  Folding Carton Production - A Case Study Shrink wrap is a challenging material to dispose of. It is bulky, weighs very little in its traditionally disposed of form, and often gets sent to the landfill. As such an integral component of your company's freight and logistics, [...]

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Plastic Waste – Managed

Managing plastic waste made easy. Mange your plastic waste easily with a Bramidan vertical baler. Plastic shrink wrap can be a cumbersome waste item to manage. With the simple to operate and safe by design vertical balers from Bramidan International, you can handle plastic waste with ease. With units available in various sizes, [...]

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