Vertical Balers

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Vertical balers offer an efficient and cost-effective solution to managing your paper, cardboard and plastic waste and are ideally suited for baling applications in retail stores, supermarkets, distribution centers, hotels, schools, etc.

Kernic System’s line of vertical balers are of the highest quality to deliver long life, superior reliability, the heaviest possible bales, optimal levels of safety, and the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO).

Vertical balers include heavy-duty construction of the frame, platen, cylinder mount, eliminating any structural failures. All metal-on-metal contact areas are lined with replaceable wear strips that allow for positive contact while eliminating excessive metal wearing. All components are assembled in jigs and fixtures — and all welded components meet or exceed American Welding Society specifications, ensuring the tightest tolerances in the industry and allowing direct replacement of components in the field.

Kernic can offer Vertical balers as supply only or can coordinate a complete installation if required. Let us show you the benefits of lower waste haulage costs, reduced waste handling time and the operational efficiency that a vertical baler could bring to your operation. . We are confident Kernic can provide you a baling solution that includes after sale service and parts support. Contact Kernic today, call 905-632-0562 or by email




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