Paper Shredder Gets Negative Vacuum Dust Collection System Upgrade

Out with the Old, In with the New!

The Kernic install team wrapped up an install in the Sunshine State of Florida with some terrific drone footage of the stellar project. This new, high-efficiency 20,000 cfm capacity Hocker Polytechnik negative vacuum dust collection system with an integrated paper material separator and high-efficiency dust briquetter is now in service for a high volume paper shredding operation. The new system replaces an older, undersized dust collector.

The four man crew operated with a two week shutdown window that included a new, fast-cure concrete pad, master panel electrical service and complete plant wide ductwork upgrade.

The project included for a new fast-cure concrete pad, master panel electrical service and complete plant wide ductwork upgrade. This new system allows for a fully automated, labor-free dust control system which, along with the integrated briquetter, the negative vacuum dust collection system ensures an efficient, quiet, dust free environment for years to come.

Negative Vacuum Dust Systems

The negative vacuum system pulls paper particles and dust through a pre-separator that discharges the larger paper particles into a horizontal baler while the conveying air and dust continue to the dust collection system. A traditional positive pressure systems ‘pushes’ material from its source through the duct work towards the separator and collector. Not only does this new negative vacuum system eliminate the need for noisy material handling fans, it operates using extremely efficient programming that idles or slows down unnecessary air flow when systems or equipment requiring air conveying are not in use. The result is reduced electrical consumption, longer service life for filter medium, reduced noise levels, and a virtually dust free environment.

A special thanks to our road warrior install team and partners for another premium system installation. Next up, a new greenfield project in Canada with a Kernic centralized dust extraction system to service a composite can manufacturer skiving process. Stay tuned for details!

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