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High-Efficiency Dust Briquetter

Improve the effectiveness of your dust collection system with a high efficiency dust briquetter!

Kernic Systems offers labor free briquetting systems to manage the dust captured by your dust collector. A high efficiency dust briquetter can be retrofitted or integrated with new collectors to reduce the costs and labor involved with changing out drums below your collector. By using high compression force, loose dust is transformed into dense briquettes, which can be further recycled or upcycled, depending on the material and application.

Benefits of high efficiency briquetter systems include:

  • Reduce the volume of dust up to a 10:1 ratio.
  • Easy and safe to use controls.
  • Autonomous operation for labor-free dust removal.
  • Below or dust collector adjacent installation options available.
  • Different sizes available to suit the needs of your business.
  • No more dusty drum swaps!

Pictured in the video below is a high volume document shredding facility that uses an integrated briquetter to manage the high volume of dust generated through their shredding operations.

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high efficiency dust briquetter

For retrofit or install with new system.

Collector Adjacent Installation

Reliable Equipment for High Throughput.

High Dust Volume Applications

The right solution, for your application.

Below collector models available

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