Innovative Centralized Scrap Removal System At CanCorr

Kernic Systems Completes Installation of Innovative Centralized Scrap Collection System at Greenfield Corrugated Sheet Feeder Plant Surrey, BC - Kernic Systems, a leader in innovative scrap and trim recovery solutions for the corrugated, printing, and folding carton industries, is thrilled to announce the successful installation of a [...]

Dust Collection System for Composite Can Manufacturer

Turn-Key Dust Extraction System for Composite Can Manufacturer Last week, Kernic Systems wrapped up another turn-key dust extraction system for a composite can manufacturer in Canada. This new greenfield composite can facility generates a high volume of dust as part of the 'skiving' process in the production of spiral wound fiber [...]

2023-06-21T20:28:58+00:00June 21st, 2023|Air Conveying Systems, Dust Collection, Recycling|
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